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Become Faster With Method Data Science

Time = Money. We make manual data tasks 5 – 5000x faster for our clients.

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Become Smarter With Method Data Science

Better intelligence makes you more competitive. We’ve dramatically improved our client’s reports, predictions, and forecasts with cutting edge data science, machine learning, and data visualization

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Full-stack Data Science Consultants

Database & Data Engineering

AI & Machine Learning

Reporting & Data Visualization


Web Scraping & Data Collection

Case Study

We helped a Financial Services Company
save Thousands of Hours
by Automating their data pipeline and reporting process
with R, Python, SQL, and machine learning.

Case Study

We helped an Asset Management Company
increase revenue by Millions of Dollars
by Increasing Accuracy of their forecasts and models
with cutting edge machine learning and custom novel algorithms.

Case Study

We helped a Biotech Company
raise Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars
by Developing Intellectual Property to increase their patent portfolio
with cutting edge machine learning and custom novel algorithms.

Beau Walker

Beau Walker

CEO & Chief Data Scientist

Beau has over 10 years data science consulting experience in a wide variety of industries and has broad expertise in machine learning, AI, business intelligence, and data visualization.

Beau has a Intellectual Property Law and has MS and BS Degrees in Ecology and Evolution. His passion is inventing and creating solutions to help clients become more profitable by using data science to become smarter and faster.

Beau is active in the data science community and regularly speaks at conferences and on podcasts. He has taught Data Science and Analytics at University of California, Irvine.

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